Eric Florack on January 26th, 2008

COLUMBIA, S.C. – AP- Barack Obama routed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the racially charged South Carolina primary Saturday night, regaining campaign momentum in the prelude to a Feb. 5 coast-to-coast competition for more than 1,600 Democratic National Convention delegates.Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina was running third, a sharp setback in the state where […]

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Eric Florack on January 26th, 2008

There was no one more proud to be both an American and a Marine, than Rafael Peralta. That much is obvious when you read the man’s whole story, as McQ posts it this morning. Project Hero, is a worthy attempt on McQ’s part to remind us that we have heroes among us. Further, that these […]

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Eric Florack on January 26th, 2008

Statement from Multi-National Force-Iraq condemning the bombing in Mosul Posted: 24 Jan 2008 06:38 AM CST BAGHDAD, Iraq (Jan. 23, 2008) â?? The Multi-National Force – Iraq joins with the people and Government of Iraq to express condolences to the victims and families of those who perished or were injured in the explosion today in […]

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One of the most amusing things about this election season is the creeping realization of the left that what we’ve been saying on the right about Bill And Hillary Clinton all these years was correct.  You can see the re-assessment process in their eyes when the subject comes up. You can almost hear the wheels […]

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Eric Florack on January 26th, 2008

Well, John McCain was endorsed by the New York Times, as we mentioned here the other day. As if that isn’t enough indication of how bad the guy would be, Michelle says he’s now been endorsed by Gerry Rivers, or whatever he’s calling himself these days. One gets the decided impression he’s researched and considered […]

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davidl on January 26th, 2008

I remember similar Clintonian feminists in the 1990s trashing, smearing and sliming women who dared to complain about the sexual harassment and abuse of women that Bill Clinton – with his wife’s full knowledge – engaged in for years. This couple really do corrupt everything they touch. Andrew Sullivan, Atlantic. Of course Andrew the excitable […]

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davidl on January 26th, 2008

 I am shocked.   CNN(Clinton News Network) has discovered that the Snake, a.k.a. James Carville and the Forehead, a.k.a. Paul Begala are partisan hack.  Greg Sargent, Horse’s Mouth:  Exclusive: After Obama Complaints, CNN Bans James Carville And Paul Begala From Appearing As Analysts Until Dem Primary Is Settled January 24, 2008 — 7:11 PM EST // […]

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