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Why the Feminist Silence Over the Abuses of Women Under Islam?

There’s an old adage which states that the reason that PETA goes after rich women in furs, as opposed to motorcycle gangs wearing leather, is because the latter is far more likely to get one killed outright.

I have to wonder in all candor, if something like that isn’t in force with modern day gender feminism.  I have been somewhat disturbed, of late, to note that gender feminists been awfully quiet of late as regards the abuses coming from within the Islamic world. If the commitment was there to stand up for women’s rights, why the silence coming from the gender feminist?
One such abuse, was this Teddy bear business, where an English schoolteacher allowed the children to name a the class Teddy Bear “Mohammed” because that was the name of a few of the students.

Another, involves our courts sentence of something like 50 lashes with a whip the crime of being raped.  Their version of justice, you see. Tammy Bruce [1] makes an interesting point about all of this… a few snips….

tammybruce.jpg [2]British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons, an unimposing woman of 54, was found guilty of “inciting religious hatred” and sentenced to 15 days in jail and deportation by a court in Sudan’s Khartoum after allowing her 7-year-old students to name a teddy bear “Muhammad.”

In the meantime, Islamist fundamentalists have called for her execution, and her safety is in constant jeopardy. Demonstrations have increased, with crowds carrying machetes, shouting in part: “Execute her! Kill her, kill her by firing squad.”

What has NOW’s and the Feminist Majority’s response been to this obscene outrage? The same silence offered to Gillian Gibbons. Nothing, because God forbid we should be reminded that there is a disturbed enemy out there worth fighting, and God forbid that for one moment we should suggest that the United States might not be heinous imperialist the left casts us to be.

When I searched Smeal’s Feminist Majority website to get a statement about either situation, I found none. The Smeal site has a brief newswire story about the Saudi rape victim, but no position statement or condemnation. They have absolutely nothing posted about the Gibbons situation. A search of the NOW site reveals nothing posted about either outrage.

This wholesale abandonment of women by the American so-called feminist leadership on an issue that transcends party politics perfectly illustrates how vapid, and even malevolent, they have become. Where is Eleanor Smeal? Gloria Steinem? Kim Gandy of NOW has proven where she is — with the rest of her cohorts hiding behind the NOW couch, save she would be required to take a position that might “offend” Islamists.

Calling attention to abuse, violence and oppression is something the left claims it does, but these days they’re more than willing to throw those who need our voices under the bus. Their obsession is to make sure the leftist false construct of an evil George Bush and oppressive United States won’t be eclipsed by the truth — the truth of a world where our enemy targets women on a daily basis for terror, torture, oppression and murder as our troops risk and give their lives to banish that horror from the lives of tens of millions.

RTWT over at Fox… it’s a great article. But I wonder if the so-called feminist left will think it so.

What all this boils down to, is that the people in question are holding the value of the defeat of George Bush, and with him America, to be of higher import than the defense of the rights of women.

There are those who will suggest that this reflects a change amongst feminists in terms of their priorities.  I wonder if that’s true.  I wonder, personally, if their biggest priority was ever the rights of women per se’… I suspect it was not.  I suspect, rather, that promoting socialism in the form of American leftism was always the primary goal.  It’s the only way I can think of to explain their sliding into that “altered state” so quickly, and easily.

Put another way, it’s more important for these supposed feminists to project this fantasy of theirs:

nazi.jpg [3]

….than it is to project the fact of abuse of women, such as this:

hanging_women_and_girls_in_iran.jpg [4]

Makes you wonder about their priorities, doesn’t it?

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I note LGF [5] seeing the same Tammy Bruce Article.

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