Mrs. William ClintonMrs. Clinton’s remaining supporters believe she is tough, via Memeorandum:

This isn’t an anti-Hillary crowd. She gets high marks for her experience, intelligence and toughness; these qualities, they suspect, are what voters demand.

Mrs. Clinton’s s supporters are deluded.

When Don Imus refered to Rutgers women’s basketball team as ho’s, Mrs Clinton was all too willing to wade in, but only after the Reverend Al Sharpton has fired his first broadside.

Now Mrs. Clinton supporter, and stooge, Andrew Young has seconded Imus.   The Reverend Sharpton blasted Imus for refering to the Rutger’s women as ho’s.    While Imus suggested the Rutger women were whores, Young has suggested that black women should be whores,  or just the free version sluts.    Young suggested that men only acquire power by having sex with many different black woman.   Having a lot of sex with one woman, does not count.   Sorry about that Barack Obama.

So what matters, to go Young’s B.J. Clinton route, is have sex with lots of different black women.   Funny thing, while the Reverend Al got all kinds of upset when Imus impugned the morals of twelve women, the cat seems to have gotten the Reverend;s tongue with regard to Young disparaging the sexual morals of all black women.

Yet this supposed strong, tough defender of women, Mrs. Clinton,  stands by in utter silence , while  her supporter’s utterly misogenic comments about black women stand?    With defenders like Mrs. Clinton, who needs enemies?   Mrs. Clinton were is your courage?

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