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They Still Don’t Get It.

I must say that I am absolutely amazed that Glenn Greenwald could possibly be this stupid. [1]

Russ Feingold [2], today, on the effects of Harry Reid’s pro-administration dirty work:

This morning, the Senate starts debating legislation to expand the government’s surveillance powers. Unfortunately, the bill we are going to be considering is the one reported out by the Senate Intelligence Committee in October, S. 2248. It did not have to be this way. Thirteen Senators joined me last week in asking the Majority Leader to instead bring up a bill that includes the changes approved by the Judiciary Committee last month. . . .

By choosing the Intelligence Committee bill over the Judiciary product, Senator Reid has made things much tougher for those of us who think the courts — not Congress — should decide whether the companies deserve immunity. He’s also made it an uphill struggle of those of us who want more court oversight of the broad new surveillance powers included in the bill. . . .

We have a big fight on our hands, and unfortunately, the deck is now stacked against us.

All of this stems from Reid’s refusal to honor the “hold” placed on that bill by Chris Dodd, who has been in the Senate for 24 years

No, Glenn, all of this stems from the far left of the Democrat party being unable to recognize that the war in Iraq is more popular than they are. Reid, for all his faults, has it figured out. Why can’t you?