Michelle, today:

Environmental busybodies never take a vacation. The lead letter on Christmas day at the San Francisco Chronicle echoed dim bulb Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels’ recent “Stop global warming and buy CFLs or Santa will DIEDIEDIE!” threat:

Change our lifestyle to save Santa’s home

Editor – Santa is deeply concerned with the rapid shrinking of the North Pole. For generations, he has depended on swift, reliable and environmentally friendly reindeer power.

If we do not change our lifestyle soon and seek alternative energy sources, future generations will not experience the thrill of seeing Santa flying over the rooftops on Christmas Eve, and the only happy soul will be the Grinch, who wants to see a Christmas meltdown.


She offers up a few other similar letters, that have popped up around the country.

Ya know, maybe we should create a law prohibiting liberloons from marketing their harmful, noxious nonsense to kids.

Update: Also noted on Memeorandum

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