Memeorandum has several endorsements up today, from papers aroundthe country… mostly those “serving” in or near primary states.

I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, that almost universally.  The papers are putting their endorsements for the Republican nomination to John McCain.  No surprise, because we are dealing with the mainstream media here, and they will bow to anyone who is to the left of center.  As McCain has exposed himself as being over the last couple of election cycles.

The Democrat endorsements from these papers aren’t quite as consistent, varying back and forth between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

All of this to my thinking reveals a few things about the left, today. First, if you want the country to tilt left, and you’re forced to choose a Republican, McCain is the choice.  That they seem to be unanimous on as to who the Democrat nominee who would best represent the interests of the left, there seems a bit of an argument.

This is important in terms of the general election because in previous years, when there has been a dispute in one party or the other as to who would best represent the interests of the party and therefore the country, there has always been an undercurrent that the party would re-unify itself behind its eventual choice for the nomination.

However in this cycle, we are not seeing that.  The polls are suggesting that around 50% of Democrats would never vote for Hillary Clinton, even if she was to win the nomination.  Whatever else happens, this cannot bode well for Hillary Clinton’s electability.
It is perhaps less indicative of what’s going to happen to party unity after the election, regardless who gets elected. I have been saying for some months now that the split within the Democratic Party is deep, and likely unhealable by November 2008.what we’re seeing in these endorsements confirms my suspicions.

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