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Pictures for Iran

OK, here’s Anna Kornikova.

anna_kournikova_oct_bikini_small.jpg [1]

I have no idea who this is.

string-bikini.jpg [2]bikiniimage3.jpg [3]

Didn’t these girls used to sell beer?

OK, OK, I know… what the beep is Bit doing?

I’m about getting banned in Iran [4], of course.  Banning us in Iran would mean, among other things, prestige for the site. We could use their hits that such a ban would generate.

In your face, Iran. And no, I mean that in a good way. See…  Just to prove I’m a friendly guy, I’d like to propose that we take care of Iran, by feeding them. No, I mean it.  Let’s get together and tell President Bush that we should send a few hundred B-52’s and Bomb Iran with good BBQ pork.