Acting on a hot tip from a fellow Swamp Stomper,  I found this after action report on Ron Paul’s foray on to Meet the Press.   Jeff Freeland, National Ledger:

Ron Paul, grade A screwball[Ron Paul] was on the defensive from the start of the interview and never rebounded.  As I feared, Paul was unprepared and looked foolish as Russert peppered him with old quotes and positions.  The interview was fair and this is just what I expected from the NBC giant.  It was actually rather sad to see him manhandled this way but you can easily score this one Russert 1 Paul 0.

Meet the Press should be rebroadcast in your area.  Check your local listings.

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One Response to “National Ledger – Russert 1 Paul 0.”

  1. I only got to see part of the program this morning.  I was surprised at how unprepared Paul appeared to be, or if he was prepared, how silly his position is on some of the questions.  The fact that his reaction to questions that he needs to answer was dismissive tells me how out of touch he is with the real world.  The transcript is available at this link:  Other information and links and (apparently) the entire broadcast are available at