AlfI really like Alf   However I would never vote for Alf.   Likewise Mike Huckabee might be a likable person, but his most definitely not qualified to be President.    We live in a dangerous world and Huckabee is simply too naive to ever be President.

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker, finds streaks of Jimmy Carter and B.J. Clinton in Huckabee:

These statements, to my mind, reflect that at heart Mr. Huckabee, likeable as he is, is a man too swayed by squishy sentiment and emotion to be determined wartime leader.

But beyond the Carteresque hints in his foreign policy — hugging intractable enemies won’t change their minds — I see more troublesome signs of a Clintonesque quality in  him.

Maybe Clarice spent too much time in the law libracy instead of watching old sitcoms?

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