Here’s a few posts from BitsBlog that caught my eye and my immediate memory, as I scanned over the posts from the last year.

Harry Reid,man of the land…. deal.
Barbara Boxer back in CAIR’s good graces
Joe Biden: Barack Obama offers nothing
Molly Ivans, RIP age 62
Judging what they are by what they did and did not do
Chavez and Clinton: Birds of a feather
Erb a libertarian? Who knew?
Haditha, John Murtha lied
Mrs. Sheehan has left the party
Charles Nelson Reilly, RIP, age 76
Thompson to annouce over 4th of July
Democrats claim again Plame was covert. In other news, large light scheduled to appear in east.
So why isn’t Moore talking about this?
A reminder of the facts; why we want to war in Iraq.
But what are the real conditions of socialist Healthcare systems?
Terror in Glasgow
Breaking: Car on fire drives into Glasgow airport terminal
Our …..Educational system: leaning left as a replacement for the truth.
Ingmar Bergman: RIP (age 89)
Pennsylvania man survived second lightning strike.
Tom Snyder RIP aged 71
Oops… maybe we CAN win, after all…
Coach Bill Walsh, RIP
Oops… maybe we CAN win, after all… (Part II)
As the Spit[zer] Turns
Vegansexuals: Darwin in action.
Richard Jewel dies at age 44
Iraq and American history
New Bumper Sticker
Just how racist is John Edwards?
John Berthoud, RIP
Jefferson corrtuption case continues forward.
France returns to earth
The invisible hand of George Soros
Barbara Boxer back in CAIR’s good graces
Kucinich questioning anyone’s sanity….
Robert Goulet, RIP age 73
What do union members think of Unions?
Second thoughts on the Democrat “Debate”: The left really doesn’t know what to do about Hillary Clinton
Clinton News Network whoredom confirmed
Here comes “don’t ask, don’t tell ” again…  Just in time for the election.
How dumb to you have to be to a democrat?
When even the leftists recognize there’s something a bit off….
Mike Huckabee: Flaming Liberal
Mrs. Clinton wants to tax health
Yeah, yeah, I know, hostage situation… Yeah, yeah…
Evel Knievel RIP, age 69
Let me make this Kristol klear (updated and bumped)
Huck: If he only had a brain

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