The Wall Street Journal:

Hillary Clinton’s commanding lead in the polls has diminished, and with Oprah Winfrey stumping for Barack Obama, she’s called increasingly on the “star power” of husband Bill. But the ubiquitous presence of the former president on the campaign prompts a question: What will Hillary do with Bill if she is elected?

The issue of Mr. Clinton’s potential role has a serious side for Democrats already concerned about her persistently high negatives. The notion that Mr. Clinton will be a “shadow president,” effectively circumventing the constitutional limitations on presidential service, presents a campaign opportunity for the GOP.

So if neither a Senate nor executive position will do, what does work? While it’s probably not something the Hillary campaign would want us to contemplate, we should remember that there are three branches of government, and that it is widely anticipated that there will be one or more vacancies on the Supreme Court during the next presidential term.

Well, if there was ever a a lack of a reason to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t get the White House, we lack no longer. (Shudder)

There are those who will argue that Bill Clinton has no qualifications for the role. They are correct of course. I’m one of the ones so arguing. But since when does not having qualifications prove a roadblock to a Democrat attaining power?

Hillary Clinton is a case in point, if there is anybody that is singularly unqualified for the task of being a senator, it is Hillary Clinton. And yet, there she is…. supposedly representing a state that she didn’t even live in until six weeks after she swore an oath of office. She got this job on the basis of… what, exactly? What specific talent, what experience does she bring to the task of being a Senator? She has none. Even the position she now holds, it is one of opportunity only, not conviction.

So how is it that we are to assume that a Justice William Jefferson Clinton would be any less opportunistic or any more qualified?

By the way, The Jawa Report has a picture in a caption contest up, that more or less proves some people get really excited about a Hillary Clinton presidency… or something.

Addendum:  (David L)

Dan McLaughlin, Red State, says “Don’t Bet On It .”   I say two words, Anita Hill.   The ‘rats raised holy heck about Hill’s allegations, which amounted what bad dating ediquette, dirty jokes and a public hair.

The ‘rats presented Hill and what three co-workers.  The republicans would have Katheleen Willey, Genifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanitta Broaddrick and a whole host of former Clinton bimbos to present. 

I don’t think that Mrs. Clinton wants to put that much dirty laundry out in public air.   That B.J.  Clinton ever wishes to testify under oath again.   Or that the ‘rate could keep the testimony out.

Further the ‘rat profess to swear by the American Bar Association ratings.  What kind of ABA rating could a formerly disbarred attorney with no judicial experience get, even from the ABA?

On the bright side, if B.J. were to get nominated, Senator Chucklies would finallly get to be the smartest guy in the room..

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