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Is Ron Paul a Nazi, Or Does He Just Play One?

Ron Paul, grade A screwball [1]

Is Ron Paul a nazi?   Well some of Paul’s well embraced supporters are.   Virginia Heffernan, New York Times,  describes Paul’s “nazi  troubles: [2]

Ron Paul, our Internet president [3], seems to have Nazi troubles, as in they’re saying he’s one of them.

Stormfront [4], a “white nationalist” Internet community, has given him money. And he can’t seem to stop meeting with self-described neo-Nazis, according to Bill White, the Commander of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party [5].

Just as you can judge a bird by its feather, you can judge a politician by his blogs.    In Paul’s case the knee jerk defense is provided by LewRockwell [6].

Is the end, the question is not important.  Paul’s foreign policy would be suicidal.

Aside, my condolences to Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs [7], and the Lizardoids, for being lauded in the article   

Little Green Footballs, the hawkish and rigidly empiricist blog that first furnished evidence of memo-forging in the Rathergate [8] case, has started due diligence

We still love you Charles et al

Hat Tip:  Memeorandum.