Ron Paul, grade A screwball

Is Ron Paul a nazi?   Well some of Paul’s well embraced supporters are.   Virginia Heffernan, New York Times,  describes Paul’s “nazi  troubles:

Ron Paul, our Internet president, seems to have Nazi troubles, as in they’re saying he’s one of them.

Stormfront, a “white nationalist” Internet community, has given him money. And he can’t seem to stop meeting with self-described neo-Nazis, according to Bill White, the Commander of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party.

Just as you can judge a bird by its feather, you can judge a politician by his blogs.    In Paul’s case the knee jerk defense is provided by LewRockwell.

Is the end, the question is not important.  Paul’s foreign policy would be suicidal.

Aside, my condolences to Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs, and the Lizardoids, for being lauded in the article   

Little Green Footballs, the hawkish and rigidly empiricist blog that first furnished evidence of memo-forging in the Rathergate case, has started due diligence

We still love you Charles et al

Hat Tip:  Memeorandum.

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