Is anthropogenic global warming a real problem or just an excuse to party?   Robin McDowell, Associated Press

BALI, Indonesia — Never before have so many people converged to try to save the planet from global warming, with more than 10,000 jetting into this Indonesian resort island, from government ministers to Nobel laureates to drought-stricken farmers.

Lest you think that the Ball in Bali was the exception,   Jimmi, Sundries Shack, has details of future UN parties, err conferences:

Let’s not forget. They’re going to be holding another conference int he very near future in Valencia, Spain. I wonder why they never seem to hold these things in the poor countries their suggested policies will destroy?

Is anthropongenic global warming a real or just an imaginary problem?   Judging by the lack of seriousness on the part of the United Nations, the problem is purely imaginary.

Hat Tip:  Memeorandum.

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