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Interview with Jeri Thompson

I note over at Right Wing News that John Hawkins has posted an intervie [1]w he did with Fred Thompson’s wife, Jeri.

John Hawkins: Now Hillary Clinton has been touting her “experience” as First Lady on the campaign trail, as if it’s an enormous asset that makes her particularly well qualified to be President. She’s even taking credit for some of the things her husband did as President. As a potential First Lady, what do you think of that?

Jeri Thompson: Well, I try not to pass judgment on a lot of this stuff because everyone has had different experiences. What I know is that the experiences Fred has had, from getting married at 17 and working in a factory, putting himself through college and then through law school, being a Federal prosecutor at 28, being minority council at 30, moving on to help Marie Ragghianti take down a corrupt Governor, playing himself in the movies, being a US Senator, and doing all the things he has done since then qualifies him to be President.

Marrying (him) doesn’t qualify me to be in any of those decision making processes with him. All that qualifies me for is to be his wife and that’s what I ought to do.

I guess it’s a leadpipe cinch that we’re not going to see her running for president, any century soon. To me it speaks volumes to the man’s qualities, that he has a woman of such quality, and such accomplishment, who is clearly devoting such a large chunk of her life to him. Would that we could be all so lucky.

Makes quite a contrast to one of the current presidential candidates, doesn’t it?