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In House Stuff

OK, I’ve apparently cured the outstanding issues we had with the Google Sitemap plugin, and so we can now proceed to the new version of WordPress. Unsure yet when that will happen. I’ve got the upgrade process automated, but I’ve not decided when to throw the switch. Perhaps Sunday, perhaps Monday.

Another offshoot of the fix on the Sitemaps thing is that they will be updated for more often now than they were.  As it was, Google and Ask only got updated when I remembered to do it. Now, it’ll be automatic, with every new post that goes up.

I’ve noticed WP is a little balky in some of the situations where a nested blockquote is called for… not sure what that’s about, yet, though I’m going to hold off on that until after we get the new version in… that may cure the problem for us.

Database issues are solved, finally, and the DB is running as smooth as I can make it… quite an accomplishment, since I’m no DBA by any means.

It keeps getting better, here…. slowly.