Hewitt calls CNN:

“The Most Busted Name in News”

No serious anchor would want to be where Cooper is today, at the center of a vast train wreck which cannot be explained away as the inevitable result of the sudden appearance of big news in a difficult setting, as with hysterical Katrina coverage of bodies stacked in freezers and gun fights in the Superdome, or the result of the input of bad data, as with the early call of Florida for Gore in 2000.

No, this premeditated mediocrity. The network had months to prepare and consider and execute.  But even with all that time, it lacked the minimal talent necessary to produce a serious debate about important issues using new technology. All it could deliver was a carnival of bad taste, trick questions, and full frontal left wing bias.

Cartoonish News Network

That is precisely why CNN’s ratings have been dropping for some time now.  The people are wise to this stuff.

Tell you what…

I propose we label them as what they are… and I’ve even gone to the trouble of giving them a new logo. What you guys think?

Addendum: (Bit) Check out Tim Rutten’s article in the LA Times, today.

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