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Did Mrs. Clinton Plant a Plant in Her Campaign?

Bit wondered if the strange “hostage” situation in Rochester, New Hampshire the work of some demented Ron Paul supported.   Err,  I repeated by myself.   Paul supporter.

Acoording the account given by the New York Times [1], I doubt it:

Mr. Eisenberg was described by friends and relatives as despondent, with his wife recently asking for a divorce. One person said he had been drinking for 72 hours before he entered the campaign office. Mr. Eisenberg also called CNN to rant about the state of the nation’s mental health system, the network reported.

Does not seem likely to be Paul supporter.   They think they are sane.   This nut job was looking for a platorm to talk about healthcare, a democrat issue and what looks like yet another plant.

Examine Eisenberg’s profile.   He is sad.   Souinds like a ‘rat.   He thinks he is owed mental health care,   Sounds lke somebody from Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.   If Eisenberg is not insane, he surely is a political goon and Mrs. Clinton has a history of hiring political goons, such as Craig Livingstone [2].