Mrs. Clinton claims to have experience, in something besides baking cookies.  Yet her claims of experience are more akin to fish stories.   On Townhall, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, are calling B.J. and Mrs. Clinton liars, “Hillary Had No Role in Irish Peace, Despite Bill’s Claims:”

Mr. and Mrs. ClintonRecently, as only Hillary can do, she claimed that she was “deeply involved in the Irish peace process.” Bill has also picked up the theme, citing her “independent” role in resolving the century-old conflict as “experience” with which to justify a White House run.How odd that Hillary forgot to mention her pivotal role in Ireland just four years ago, when she wrote her $8 million memoir, Living History. There, she told a very different story.

Funny, my memory seems to get worse with age.  Just the opposite with the Clinton’s.  Their collective memories seem to improve with age.   The Clinton’s are desperate to rewrite history even to the point of inventing it.

Hat Tip:  Lucianne.

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