David Freddoso at The Corner:

Look, we can blame CNN all we want. But there’s more to the sad fact that Democratic campaign and Party plants asked 11 of the questions in the last two debates, as though they were mere “undecided, concerned voters” from the “real world.”

CNN deserves much blame for it, but I doubt they actually colluded in letting this happen. They should have reacted, however, by castigating the Democrats for corrupting the process. Isn’t that what’s really going on here?

Cartoonish News NetworkYes, it IS what’s going on. But the fact that CNN did not react that way should be your first clue that the charge against CNN of collusion in the matter is accurate.  If CNN felt they were being wronged, they’d be screaming bloody murder, and going to wall to wall coverage mode about it.  Their silence tells us a different story altogether.

It’s like I told Ed Morrissey, yesterday; this is not a case of incompetence.  Incompetence, by definition, produces an inconsistent product.  CNN, I’m afraid, has been anything but inconsistent. They have been Clinton apologists for years and years, and have leaned left at every opportunity.  This is not a screw up on CNN’s part.  This is not a lapse of their selection process.  This is their operational policy, exposed to light of day.

In fact, were it not for the hostage situation developing in Rochester, New Hampshire a couple days ago this is a subject that we’d still be talking about, on every news network in the country, and the blogs would be all over it like water in a t-shirt.  As it is, the subject has all but disappeared.  Miraculous, isn’t it?

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