This is rich….

A blog on a site promoting Al Gore’s climate change documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, has been hacked by penis pill-promoting spammers.

Links on the blog portion of the site point to websites hawking online pharmaceuticals in an apparent bid by miscreants to promote their search engine rankings. The links, not apparent to a casual observer but clearly visible in the page source, promote drugs including Viagra and Xanax.+

There’s a number of directions I could take this.  A Wise-ass paradise.

(Shrug)  Since I feel generous, today, let’s say this is a target rich environment, though, and leave it at that.

These folks are like water… they’ll pour in anywhere there’s a chance to. Pain in the butt, from a webmaster’s perspective, I can say from first hand experience.

Yet, I must admit a certain envy and amusement at this particular site being hacked.


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