So, the big story of the day ( Memeorandum is simply choked with it… and Michelle has been on it all day) is that one of Ron Paul’s supporters showed up at Hillary Clinton’s Campaign office in Rochester NH.  Well, he’s probably of that camp, anyway. At the least, the listenership of the Alex Jones comedy hour in that fair city has been reduced by some 25% with the man’s arrest.

OK, OK, I know, not fair to Ron Paul.

Apparently, the guy has a bit of a history of screaming about things being planted in his head, by ‘the government’. According to the locals, he was in the papers down there last March. The local cops were placing fliers on unlocked cars urging folks to lock up. His response was to the effect that this was nothing but a gimmick to get around the constitution, and go around in the middle of the night upon unsuspecting citizens in their own yard and search their vehicles……

(Long Silence…) Uh-huh.  Maybe it IS fair to Ron Paul after all…

Anyway…. He showed up today with what looked to the uninitiated to be some kind of dynamite strapped to his chest. What they turned out to be is road flares wrapped in duct tape. (Nothing you can’t fix with duct tape) A cute trick, really, given anyone working for Hillary isn’t going to be able to tell the difference between road flares and dynamite. The ‘bomb’ he supposedly had attached to himself with duct tape… would have made a hell of a cigar lighter, but that’s about it. Didn’t stop the yahoo cops down there from calling out the bomb squad, and blowing the thing up, themselves, though. (Figures)

Why, exactly, he thought talking to Hillary Clinton could help him, I’m unclear on. I guess nut cases figure she’s an authority figure. We’re also unclear on a name for this guy… mostly because he can’t seem to settle on one, either. He’s apparently known by several names….Troy Stanley, and Leeland Eisenberg being apparently the two most frequently used. He’s apparently well known to the local police, has a record, and is also known to the FBI, already for reasons I’m unclear about, though I gather he’s been in the state slam at least once.

The only reason the guy is alive just now is that he picked a day when HRC wasn’t around… the Secret Service would have solved the case inside of 30 seconds or so, was she there. Law enforcement takes on a leaden quality with those chaps.  (Talk about professionalism… wasn’t this the same bunch of people she was treating like crap when he husband was president?)

Oh, speaking of Hillary, she got a news conference, of course. (How would Hillary Clinton EVER turn down a national media op? Most dangerous place in America… between Hillary and a Microphone)

It’s interesting to note the rather remarkable change in the Left-O-Sphere, today. For the first time in recent memory, they actually seemed… subdued… and reluctant to jump to conclusions about who this fruitfly was, and what his motivations might be. Certainly a first in modern times. Apparently they couldn’t figure out if the guy was a Republican, or not, and so held their peace.

It’ll all be back to normal tomorrow… the only thing that will have changed will be that Hillary Clinton got her name all over all the news sources in the country all day long, and for the first time in quite some time, it wasn’t for a scandal in her campaign.

This incident also got CNN and the Democrats off the hook, since the chatter about the Democrat plants at the Republican “Debate” the other night, has been driven right off the front pages of every paper and blog in the western world, and replaced with this guy with the flares. Timing, I suppose, is everything. Had he walked into that office two weeks ago, those other subjects wouldn’t have gone away… If not for this guy in Rochester, we’d have been on those other subjects until Monday, at least. As it is… the cycle is now broken. Brilliant.

I tell you, the erasure of those subjects would not have been engineered better had someone wanted to.

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