I always said it would happen. Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters:

As irrefutable evidence mounts that Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s climate alarmism is about nothing other than lining his supposedly green pockets with green currency, manmade global warming skeptics around the world wonder when the former vice president’s house of cards will collapse.

Without question, if Gore were to lose the support of almost universally adoring Hollywoodans, the scam would implode quicker than a Democrat demanding a recount after losing a close election.

As such, the following comments by actor and environmentalist Robert Redford, reported by the New Statesman last week, should bring hope to folks not buying the snake oil Gore is selling (emphasis added, h/t NB reader Lee):

Redford was an early convert to the environmental movement, and talks proudly of having campaigned on it since 1969. “It was not a happy easy time, because those were the days that the oil and gas companies pretty much controlled the show on propaganda. Anyone speaking about solar energy would be smashed down as being a radical, a tree-hugger and granola-cruncher or what have you.”

He is notably cynical, however, about Al Gore’s recent award of a Nobel Peace Prize. “He’s making a lot of money, he’s having a belle époque, a heroic moment,” he says. “It must have been really hard for Gore to suffer all that [losing the presidential election], so he found another thing to come back with: the environment.

Noel has more, of course. Go and RTWT.
And here I was ready to write off Redford as a total idiot for “Lions for Lambchops”.  Or perhaps the utter failure of that move was enough to wake him up a little, I don’t know. In any event the bloom is clearly off the rose as far as the global warming myth goes.

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