I didn’t see much of the debate last night, and very little of the reax this morning, so far. There’s a lot of it on Memeorandum… I’ve just not had time to look.

However, it doesn’t take a mystic to say that one phrase that was heard over and over again, is “this administrations failed Iraq policy’. Democrats use the phrase like some kind of tack on, as if it was the equivalent of “You know what I mean?” I mean after a while, it becomes simply meaningless.

And perhaps it is. We’ve been hearing good news from Iraq, on what great strides are being made, leaking past the MSM for several months now. Certainly, the press is lothe to report good news from anywhere, particularly Iraq.. the only way you’ll hear anything from that part of the world anymore is if something goes very bad and can be made worse with a few well-chosen words and a few staged pictures. But the good news keeps showing up… usually by peple routing around the MSM… and it’s to the point where you wonder why someone in the MSM doesn’t ask the question of these Democrats.. “Given the huge progress made, by what measure do you consider the Iraq Policy a failure?” while demanding an actual answer.

Yeah, I know… fat chance that they’ll ever do that, right?

Some other things I noted: Edwards is already playing like an also-ran. Kucinich is still a nutball.. no shock there. The big loser last night, though, was Dodd. Can someone please explain to me why he’s even running? Biden didn’t see too bad off, but regardless how that plays out, he’s going nowhere with the voters. I mean, preparation and being on the ball in the debate may well play if those watching are basing their response of actual facts, instead of emotion. But do you recall the Democrats counseling their people to go for the emotional?

No… None of this is going to matter in the end… and every one of the people on that stage last night knows it, in their heart of hearts… except for Hillary Clinton, who has none.

Speaking of which:

The usual Hillary Clinton apologists (Armbinder, for one… did you see that bit of nonsense he put up yesterday?) will no doubt be telling us how there’ll be no more talk about her losing momentum to the rest of them… the bleeding has been stopped. I am reminded by such people of Erik The Viking… “We’re NOT sinking”… “Everyone stay calm! This is not happening!”

Look; No matter how much the Clinton camp changes strategies one thing I can guarantee is that she will not actually change her spots. Past that, it’s all how the campaign sells it to the voters.

Yes, there’s a good deal of emotion involved, since that’s what the Democrats are going for, by stated design. Thing is, there’s only so much you can overcome with salesmanship. No matter how Madison Avenue deals with it, the Yugo has far too much in the way of history to be sold as a reliable car… and certainly attempts to sell it as a sports model aren’t going to fly, either.

So while hard core leftist Democrats will likely go for Hillary Clinton… those who are not turned off by the fact that she was at least smart enough to support our actions in Iraq initially, she’s got far too much baggage to be supported by anyone BUT the hard core.

And that’s just within the party. Electability factors wlll come into play soon enough. Nobody on that stage… including Kucinich, has the negatives Hillary has managed to rack up. I mean, even the kids know it.

Meanwhile, anyone know any good drowning songs?

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