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The Crackpots Keep Showing Up At Kos

Little Green Footballs [1] notes:

9/11 Troofers keep popping up at Daily Kos, despite the official Kos disapproval: Screw Loose Change: Daily Kos Allows Crackpot Diary [2].

The bottom line is, the regardless of the show the left makes of disapproving of such things, that kind of tinfoil had modeling is part and parcel of what the left has become these days.  They can no more separate themselves from such things, then you were I to cut off a hand or a foot; it’s part of them.  They simply can’t separate themselves from it.

And remember, dear readers, that this is the same group of people who finds Ron Paul so appealing.

Meanwhile, in another post [3], LGF passes along this tidbit:

 At least ten people dead in India after simultaneous explosions in several cities targeted courthouses [4].

How long, I wonder, will it be before we hear these same morons, claiming that these events in India are all an inside job, and that the Bush administration is somehow to blame for them.