The ‘rats have an unlimited greed for taxes, and Mrs. Clinton in particular.  .

1984Slate makes it perfectly clear how Mrs. Clinton proposes to pay for her universal healthcare proposal.  Mrs. Clinton want to tax health.  As I wrote earlier the only power the federal government has to mandate anything of citizens is the income tax, and that required the Sixteenth Amendment

But the real problem, as Paul Krugman explains in his brickbat of a column today, isn’t lower income Americans. It’s that young, well-off Americans who are generally healthy and therefore don’t have to buy insurance will drive up costs for everyone else. Hillary and John Edwards both have ways of enforcing their mandates—requiring proof of enrollment on tax forms, say, or anytime someone seeks medical treatment. Obama’s plan, on the other hand, would allow them to remain outside the system.

Mrs. Clinton is proposing what amounts to a unconstitutional federal tax on health.  The sickos at Slate, Mr. Krugman, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Edwards seem to think that taxing health is somehow a good idea.

Mrs. Clinton does not see good health as a blessing to be enjoyed but rather as a commodity to be taxed.  Taxing any commodity means less of it, providing citizens with less incentive to stay healthy.

Imagine what your auto insurance premiums would be like if the state mandated that all drivers paid the same premiums.  You might as well speed, drive drunk and get into accidents..  There would be no penalty for doing so, and no incentive to do otherwise.

And some say that Mrs. Clinton is smart.

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