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Here Comes “don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ” Again…  Just in Time for the Election. 

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 —(New York Times)- [1] Marking the 14th anniversary of legislation that allowed gay men and lesbians to serve in the military but only if they kept their orientation secret, 28 retired generals and admirals plan to release a letter on Friday urging Congress to repeal the law.

Well let’s examine this, just a little.  Actually all this needs is a little cursory examination.  Nothing deep about it.

When was the last time that “don’t ask, don’t tell ” was a “major issue”?  Presidential elections.  The last two, in fact.  Who is into creating the policy?  Democrats.  Bill Clinton, specifically, and the then- Democrat Congress.

This whole thing is by definition a manufactured controversy.   The Democrats create the problem, and then come along and use the controversy as an electoral wedge, for the next several cycles. It becomes one of those issues that gets hauled out like Christmas decorations, only they do every four years, not every year.  Once the elections are dealt with, the issue gets stuffed into the storage area up in the rafters, and isn’t heard from again, until such time as the Democrats need the voter support of homosexuals, and a club to beat up Republicans with.

It’s not really a surprise to me that they managed to drag this issue out of them off walls again this cycle, but it is a bit of a surprise to me that they drag it out as early as they did.  The timing involved tells me that the democrats really have nothing new to offer, this time around.  It also tells me that they are in some of the serious trouble in terms of getting elected, and they know it.