The Grapevine at Fox last night…(Hume on vacation:)

A new Harvard University study says nearly two-thirds of Americans do not trust campaign coverage by the news media — and more than 60 percent believe it is politically biased.

The interviews with 1,200adults were done in September.

Forty percent of those surveyed think election coverage carries a liberal bias. Twenty-one percent think it is too conservative — and 30 percent think it is balanced.

Eighty-eight percent think campaign coverage focuses on trivial issues. Sixty-one percent believe the media do not provide enough coverage of policy plans. And 43 percent say there is not enough coverage of candidates’ personal values and ethics.

Personally, I’d be interested in seeing them take that same test again, after the events of the CNN “debate” the other night.  I will guarantee you those numbers show higher, after that event.

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