Betsy Newmark passes along:

ABC News has this tidbit up at the Blotter.

Giuliani’s Mistress Used N.Y. Police as Taxi Service
November 29, 2007 3:18 PM

Richard Esposito Reports:

Well before it was publicly known he was seeing her, then-married New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani provided a police driver and city car for his mistress Judith Nathan, former senior city officials tell the Blotter on

“She used the PD as her personal taxi service,” said one former city official who worked for Giuliani.

New York papers reported in 2000 that the city had provided a security detail for Nathan, who became Giuliani’s third wife after his divorce from Donna Hanover, who also had her own police security detail at the same time.

Right on the heels of yesterday’s Politico story about the weird billing of his security detail, this story will reinforce the image of Giuliani using public expenses to facilitate his love affair. I’d like to hear his explanation of why his lover needed a security detail. This sort of drip drip has to be death to Rudy’s campaign.

Hmmm. Was she wearing a blue dress at the time, I wonder?


You really have to wonder about the people generating this stuff; These supposed city officials; they wouldn’t be Democrats, by chance, would they now?

Talk Left is predictably screaming:

There oughta be a law! Oh wait, there is one.

Is their memory so very short? There was also one when Monica was working on her second set of knee pads. Funny how that subject of legality never came up and from the same people are complaining about Rudy now.  I daresay the security detail in the White House costs a little bit more .  As does the room, come to think of it.

That said, yes, the security detail the seem somewhat excessive for most cities.  However, what the story going to be in New York City may be a different situation, I don’t know.

The Democrats had better watch their step with this nonsense. Its true, they may actually get somebody, with all the nets they are casting currently.  But it seems to me that they are setting impossibly high standards for their own candidates to meet.

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