Sky News –A teenage schoolboy was pulled around his classroom on a lead and spanked by a stripper after a birthday surprise blunder. The pupil’s mum had ordered an agency to give her son a “surprise” on his 16th birthday – and the teacher had even agreed to film the prank.

But it all went wrong when the unnamed company sent a stripper dressed as a policewoman instead of a “gorillagram” – in what it called a booking error.

One witness told reporters: “She asked the lad to stand up, which he did, and told him he had been a very naughty boy because he hadn’t been doing his homework.

“Then she put on some Britney Spears music and got out a collar and lead from her bag and told him to put them on.”
After walking the boy round the classroom and spanking him with a whip – the action turned even more blue.

“She took off some clothes until she was down to her bra and pants, pulled out some cream, put it on her buttocks and told him to rub it in,” the source said.

Can you imagine the conversation around the dinner table that night? Such an event would probably make him a hero with the rest of the guys in his class.  The girls, perhaps, are another matter.  Still; I doubt he’s going to have much trouble getting a date from here on.  After all; girls do like experienced men.  Or, so the saying goes.

And look; I’m not even going to get into  how many places that someone could have said “no ” up to that point where the schoolteacher finally stepped in.

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