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Another Fire in Malibu, Another 50 Homes. Anyone Get the Hint, Yet?

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Malibu-(LA Times)- [2]The most destructive fire in Malibu in nearly 15 years raced through parched canyons Saturday, consuming 49 homes and forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents.The so-called Corral fire burned 4,700 acres before the fierce Santa Ana winds died down, allowing firefighters to make a stand. By evening, the blaze, which investigators said was started by “human activity,” was 25% contained. Six firefighters sustained minor injuries, authorities said.
(Photo also from the LA TIMES)

You know, eventually, someone is going to make the connection, and figure out that there are some areas of the country we shouldn’t be building in… and one of those places is Malibu.

Think about this;

The rich and famous have campaigned loudly and forcefully, against us building, developing, drilling for oil in other parts of the planet to ‘save the environment’.  But have you ever noticed the places where liberals live aren’t subject to those kind of judgements?

Take New Orleans, as an example.  The place is below sea level, and yet it’s government’s fault, when water comes in, as a natural occurrence.  It’s part of nature.    Instead of simply acknowledging that this is probably not a good place to be building, the blame game gets played, and more government money gets spent.  (As in, more of your money and mine)  Further, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of chatter about saving the environment, incidental to our meddling in the river basin, there, to say nothing of the selfishness and the waste…. You know, the kind of preaching you hear from liberals about everybody else?    You’d think you’d hear a little of it, at least. But not a peep.

Then, of course, there’s the place under discussion this morning, in the news… Malibu. After the first few dozen fires, most people would take the hint.  This is a natural occurrence, there.  Certainly, our messing with the landscape of that region, and adding multi million dollar homes to the neighborhood, has got to be affecting the environment in the neighborhood.  Funny how the rich liberals who live there never quite make it to that point in their logic. I was given to believe that rich liberals generally speaking were committed environmentalists.  Yet, I’ve been to Malibu.  I’ve even been to the location of this most recent fire, Corral canyon. I’ve seen what goes on there.  as usual, the hype doesn’t match the reality.

Further, let’s consider the financial impact on the poor of these Malibu fires, burning up multi-million dollar homes.  You would think that kind of impact to be an impossibility, until you consider homeowners insurance and how it works.  Believe me when I tell you, Joe and Jane Average, living in their modest little farmhouse and Pigs Knuckle, Iowa, are partially paying for the lifestyles of the rich and famous, out in Malibu, by way of their homeowners insurance policy.  The premiums that the rich and famous are paying out and mail above, don’t nearly cover the kind of reconstruction costs incurred on the insurance companies.  No, those rates are spread amongst all the policyholders across the country.  Does that sound you like these people are interested in helping the poor? And of course, the taxes involved in supporting such a neighborhood, against the natural occurrence like wildfires in southern California.  You don’t really think that that operation is entirely funded by those rich folks within the canyon, do you?

Now, don’t worry, I haven’t gone over to the dark side.  I’s merely pointing out once again, the hype doesn’t match the reality of the situation.

Think about that.

Most seriously, think about it when you go into the voting booth, and you consider the words of these animals and their opinions of who we should and should not vote for.

These people are not your friends. Nor, despite the hype, do they have your best interest at heart.