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Yes, But Whose Principle? 

Recent events involving Republican candidates for president as well as the cumulative effect of hypocrisy, corruption, intolerance, and the stupidity over immigration have led me to the only logical conclusion possible.At the moment, I am a man without a party.I sure as hell am not a Republican – not after the last fortnight’s disgraceful exhibition by GOP presidential hopefuls who first, pissed off Hispanics by ditching the Univision debate, then made it a twofer by having the top tier candidates blowing off Tavis Smiley and the so-called “All American Presidential Forum” [1] The fact that this “all american” debate forgot to put an American flag someplace where it might be visible doesn’t obviate the insult done to the organizers of the debates much less the viewers.And then to top off GOP idiocy for September, you have war hero John McCain saying first that he couldn’t support a Muslim for President and then clarifying that remark a little later by basically saying, “Well, I can support a Muslim as long as we can be sure of their loyalty to the United States.”How big of you, John. All you have to do is substitute “Catholic” for “Muslim” and you have exactly the right attitude – for the election of 1928. That’s when people wondered whether Catholic Al Smith would be more loyal to the Vatican or to the US Constitution.

And don’t even get me started on Larry Craig.

So intones Rick Moran of the Right Wing Nut House.  [2]

I’m afraid I would have to disagree with you on this one, too, Rick.

Even in your own piece, you say:

I wholeheartedly reject the notion that conservatives need to pander to any racial or ethnic group.

… yet, that is precisely what those two venues are all about.

Frankly, Univision and Tavis Smiley are by definition, ticked off at anything not in liberal lockstep.  Republicans showing up or not,showing up, doesn’t change that.  All it does is keep Republican candidates from being targets at the carnival shooting gallery, when they’re not kissing liberal butt in the name of ‘diversity’. Nobody but far left democrats has anything to gain by going into either venue.

This is not a matter of being afraid of being asked the tough questions, rather it is the recognition that such venues are going to provide a stacked deck , invariably.  Such venues in general, and those two in particular, have a long track history as regards whacko Liberal politics.  This is made completely obvious by the little flap over the flag as you mentioned.  They are either debating as Americans, or they’re debating as internationalist anarchists. The latter has no place in our electoral system.  I’m just as glad they didn’t show up… it shows good judgment, in my opinion.

Your comments about McCain, are well taken; then again, we’ve been saying for some time John McCain is a classic case of RINO. always has been. With the exception of issues of defense, he has never once stood on Republican principles, rather he has sought to be the “maverick”. His numbers have been tanking, not because he’s unwilling to kiss Liberal backside, but because he’s too willing to do that.

And I wouldn’t be too discouraged about Larry Craig.  There’s always going to be bad apples in the barrel; that’s the nature of politics.  What is encouraging about that is the number of Republicans who have stood up for principle and gone to great lengths to get him to leave office. I suppose the most direct comparison would be to “Cold cash” Johnson, and the idea that the Democrats are making no moves whatsoever to have him removed from office. There’s a very thick, bright line drawn between the two philosophies thereby.  As a Republican, I don’t see that as discouraging.

Obviously not all Christians are as I describe so don’t be emailing me telling me how wrong I am. But there is a sizable, vocal minority – probably close to 15% of the party – that has skewed GOP issues away from the everyday concerns of the American people and toward these religious crusades against abortion, gay marriage, and making America “moral” whatever that means. The first thing the American people think of today when they hear the word “Republican” is either “anti-abortion” or “anti-gay marriage.” To have those issues identifying the party is again, stupid and self-defeating.

Not really.  I would consider it more of a recognition that a lot of the other problems that you you mention, have to do with an abandonment of social values which this country was founded upon.  You suggest that the Republican party is not standing on principle.  I respond by suggesting that your complaint is in this instance is that they’re doing precisely that.  It’s just you don’t agree with that principle involved.

They will eventually alienate so many people that they won’t be much of a political party at all.

Here’s the thing; standing on principle by definition alienates people.  If you’re going to fly the flag of principle, you’d better get used to the idea.