Boortz yesterday, picked up in mid-description…

It seems that this person focus right now is in helping this sector of our economy avoid unionization. Unions are, apparently, hot to organize senior living facilities. OK .. so there’s no surprise there either. So what’s the big deal here? Well, clearly the seniors that live in these facilities are no more anxious than the owners to see the workers form unions. But there is one particular class of residents of these senior living centers that are more opposed to unionization than almost any other. Can you guess who they might be?

Let’s end the suspense quickly. The one group of residents in senior living facilities who are, according to this expert, more opposed to unionization than any other group are …former union members. Who knows better the culture of unionized workers than a former union worker? While these people were out there drawing paychecks, unionization was one thing. Now the shoe is on another foot. Now they are more concerned about the quality of the work than they are the size of the paycheck. These are people who in the not-to-distant past were dedicated to the union principal of less work for more pay. Now they find themselves in a position where they could be the victim, rather than the beneficiary of such a policy.

That should be a warning to anyone considering joining a union.

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