Why is it that the only Arabs the Democrat party here in the U.S. is not worried about annoying, are the ones who were working with us to stem the tide of al-Qaida?

Nobody can possibly be this stupid by accident.  I have to assume that they’re doing so intentionally.

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4 Responses to “Turkey And the Democrats”

  1. This resolution to condemn an event that occured back in 1913 and strain relations with
    one of the stronges allies for the War on Terror just proves that House Democrats will stoop
    to nothing in order to cause a disruption in any stability that we might be seeing in Iraq today.
    What purpose does this serve to slam a strategic friend and ally, in fact the only Democratic
    Arab nation in that part of the world ??  Simply they want to add fuel to the fire to promote
    instability which serves their political ends here at home.  Sad, sick but you have to believe
    there is some truth to this. 

    ZZN&S has a great satire that points on the idiocy of this Resolution and the rediculous path
    the Democratic leadership in the House has embarked upon.


  2. Agreed.  And that it is said and sick is beyond question.  But that there is truth in it, also stands out like a sore thumb.  This is simply more of the same of what they’ve been promoting for quite some time.  Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Your welcome and keep posting the facts that the other side pretends will simply go away if they are ignored in the main stream press.


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