I see Boortz has jumed into line with my comments of the other day regarding Limbaugh and Media Matters:

 Media Myrmidons started this attack on Limbaugh by writing that Rush called “service members who advocate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq ‘phony soldiers.'” Media Myrdions is lying .. and they know they’re lying. They also know that they can depend on the mainstream media in this country to not only ignore their distortion, but to actually work to support and spread it.

This whole mess starts with a clown by the name of Jesse Macbeth. Macbeth became very popular with the media earlier this year when he started telling stories about all of the hideous crimes he saw our soldiers commit while he was serving in Afghanistan and Iraq as an Army ranger. Oh, how the leftist media sopped it up. The only problem was, Macbeth was lying.

I’ve read the transcripts; the complete transcripts, and it is crystal clear that when Limbaugh made his “phony soldiers” reference it was directed at Jesse Macbeth and his ilk, people who falsely claimed to serve in the Middle East and lied about the actions of our troops there. It’s an apt description, I would say, since U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sullivan himself referred to Macbeth and the other’s who joined him in his efforts as “phony war heroes.”

We know exactly what’s going on here. It’s no mystery. Rush Limbaugh is perhaps the biggest single obstacle in the way of Hillary Clinton or some other member of the MoveOn Democrat Party becoming our next president. Media Matters is a creation of Hillary Clinton and her cabal. There’s no denying this, Hillary has openly admitted her role in creating this organization. As the election season continues you can expect Media Myrmidons to increase their attacks, and as they do so their attacks on Conservative talk radio will sound more and more desperate. And while Media Myrmidons keeps up the attack, Hillary’s dog washers – Harry Reid, for example – will keep barking from the sidelines.

Welcome to the party, Neal.   And, well put.

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