Well they’ve tried everything else to get the US to cut and run. Apparently, the Democrats are now going back to their basics doing the only thing they know how to do: Raise taxes…

WASHINGTON —(Fox) A top Democratic congressman, saying Democrats “have had it with being maneuvered and jerked around” on the war in Iraq, offered a new approach Tuesday to change the course of funding for the ongoing war: A war tax.

Rep. David Obey of Wisconsin, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, said he will not allow a bill to come for debate to provide emergency supplemental funds for the war and suggested Americans should be compelled to pay for it through a “surtax.”

“The president isn’t going to get a supplemental this year. I am not going to report a supplemental out” if it simply is a request for funds and not a change in direction for troops in Iraq,” Obey said.

Obey suggested he is flexible as to what the change in policy proposes “so long as it represents real change and not camouflage.”

Yes sirreee Bob, there goes a real American.  (Cough, hack wheeze) Defund troops in the field, and threaten a tax hike. I suppose it makes sense if you consider that the Democrats only know how to raise taxes.  It’s the only thing they’ve been successful at.

Whatever happened to the representative David Obey who understood that this kind of nonsense draws really serious negative polling numbers, and was worried enough about it, a short time ago, to be screaming at the brainless MoveOn nutjobs, calling them liberal idiots?  What happened to the man’s spine, I wonder? I guess MoveOn got to him. Perhaps his constituents ought to override MoveOn by getting to him next?

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