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Heh… Steyn comes up with an instant classic. [1]..a quip… actually, a few of them, I wish I could have claimed as my own:

steyn22.jpg [2]As far as I know, the movie Deliverance has featured in political discourse just the once. Back in 1996, Pat Buchanan, hot from his triumph over Bob Dole in the New Hampshire primary, warned the country-club Republicans that he was coming to get them “like a character out of Deliverance.” In the film, you’ll recall, a quartet of suburban guys spend a nightmare weekend in the backwoods, in the course of which one of their number winds up getting strapped to a tree and sodomized by a mountain man. (“Squeal, piggy!”)

At the time of Pat’s remark, I remember thinking: What a great country! In how many other political cultures can a fellow identify himself with a stump-toothed inbred psycho hillbilly homosexual rapist as an applause line?

Yeah, well, in Pat’s case…. (Cough)… Nah… I’m not gonna go there.

Anyway, another one:

If 9/11 was really an inside job, you wouldn’t be driving around with a bumper sticker bragging that you were on to it.

Ain’t THAT real? I mean, it’s odd how many on the left… and how many ROn Paul Troofers let that basic logic slip right by them…

But finally…. the big one:

Fantasy is a by-product of security: It’s the difference between hanging upside down in your dominatrix’s bondage parlor for half-an-hour after work on Friday and enduring the real thing for years on end in Saddam’s prisons.

And I wonder about that, a bit. How much of the nonsense we’re seeing from the left, these days, is able to be generated because good folks…  a lot of good folks, are doing a job that the left claims they don’t want done… and yet would be screaming if it wasn’t getting done?

Fantasy… the idea that whatever it is, it’s all Bush’s fault… is able to be bandied about freely, because ironically, Bush is doing his job correctly?