The New York Post:

October 28, 2007 — Gov. Spitzer yesterday announced an indefinite delay in his heavily criticized plan to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens as the state develops a three-tiered licensing system that will be acceptable to the federal government.

At a Washington news conference, Spitzer said the wait will bring New Yorkers “the most secure licensing system in the nation” – although Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he still strongly opposes the idea of giving ID to illegal aliens.

In short, he needs more sales time.  Keep the pressure up, folks.

The program is expected to be delayed until mid- to late 2008.

He thinks.

Let me quote from the quips list and make my position clear, here:

¬†There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”. Either they are immigrants, who arrived here and live here legally, or they are criminals. The former, are entitled to everything that our society offers, provided that they are willing to become citizens, which by nature of the word, would include learning the language, and adopting the United States, culturally, as well as financially. The latter are entitled to nothing whatsoever.

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