In thinking on the events of last night, I’ve come to the conclusion that the left is really worried about Hillary Clinton winning the nomination. I mean, REALLY worried. The usual Hillary Clinton cheering sections, such a Ezra Klein, are royally PISSED at Tim Russert. So is Paul Waldman. The rest, not so much, though they seem to be making a lot of noises casting Hillary Clinton as a victim of ‘blistering attacks’. (I wonder, now, if that’s intended to cast their own guy as someone willing to push against the Clinton Machine, or to cast Hillary as a Victim... perhaps so far as THAT goes, the ‘blistering attack’ angle is something both Hillary’s people and everyone else with a horse in the Dem race can agree on.

Look, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton didn’t get the softballs she was expecting… and got backed into the corner by Russert on the question of releasing correspondence between her and her erstwhile husband… (Clearly she doesn’t want that info out before 2012)

If Hillary Clinton has a talent it is answering a question put to her, without even coming close to answering it. And yes she was (Mildly) called on it by the other candidates. The bit with Eliot Spitzer’s licenses, didn’t help HIllary much either.

hillary14.jpgTrust me; what Hillary Clinton got was hardly an attack, blistering or otherwise. Indeed… it’s amazing to me…. Russert left some low hanging fruit that any one of the others could have taken… but they didn’t.  Even when complaining that Hillary really wasn’t answering the questions being put to her, they did so with kid gloves. Only thing I can think of to explain it is a lack of desire to be President with Hillary Clinton pissed at THEM, and still sitting in the office of Senator from NY.

When they decided to run for POTUS, did they really think they’d get the Clinton Machine’s blessing, for pity’s sake?

But what we have here is a left conflicted. They know the Republicans are salivating at the idea of having Hillary Clinton being the Democrat nominee. Yet, they can’t bring themselves to react accordingly… because they know it’s not nice to fool with the Wicked Witch of the South.

Well, that’s OK. I can deal with it.

Hey, Hillary; What’s this FEC complaint against you and your campaign all about, eh?

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