The sharper among you will have noticed slow response times, and occasionally the look and feel of the site has been completely different for a few minutes.  The reasons are simple; I’m trying with the idea of changing the graphical look and feel of this website.

Some of my requirements are that it should take a minimal amount of fooling around to get it working.  I do like the general colors that I’m using, so I’d like to stay close to those if possible.  Ease of reading is a requirement , so the font can’t be microscopic like it is on some of the ones I see in the standard WordPress collections.

Frankly one of the reasons that I’ve been looking at changing the theme anyway, is a rather nasty bug in the way the current theme handles comments.  I’ll let you know what we come up with, or else if I come up with a really good one, you’ll stumble across it, yourself. (Chuckle)

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  1. this is a test