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‘Rats Flee Mrs. Pelosi’s Swamp

Speaker PelosiI note that that Don has picked up the Swamp [1] meme.

How bad in the stench of Mrs. Pelosi’s Swamp?  Even the ‘rats are fleeing:

I live in Nancy’s neighborhood, and we’ve bumped into each other, although not much. Having run against her (as the Republican nominee [2]) in 1996, I had a bit of trouble getting her into a face-to-face: she refused to debate, and this imperious attitude evoked not a murmur of comment on the local political scene. I ran as the antiwar candidate, but since the war I was protesting back then was the Kosovo war, Bay Area liberals weren’t interested. Now, of course, there are people camped out on her lawn, trying to get an audience with Her Imperial(ist) Majesty, to no avail.

The source of this animus toward Mrs. Pelosi – AntiWar.com [3]

Addendum: (Bit) Michelle has this one, too.  [4]