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Radio Chatter.

Oooh… interesting.

At least to a radio person.

I see Boortz is now on 1260/KGIL.

I wasn’t aware they’d gone News/Talk. Last I was out there, (early 97) they were running an all- Beatles format. No, I’m not kidding.  Hell, they’ve tried everything over the years on that channel Jazz, for which they claimed the call of KJAZ… and most recently, Classical music.  They’re decidedly small market radio struggling to survive in a big market.

KGIL transmitter site [1]

They’re still doing Adult Standards after 7pm, I hear, to fill time… mostly because their night signal isn’t the strongest. Still, they do OK, with 7500 watts at night (20k daytimes) from this 4 tower array. (Pic is from buddy Scott Fybush [2])

I wish owner Saul Levine success. Having Boortz aboard is a real boost…