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Promoting Childhood Sexuality

Pinch Sulzberger can not understand how having your child’s school giving your child blessings to be sexually active, with neither your knowledge or consent would upset you.   Katie Zezima, New York Times [1]:

PORTLAND, Me., Oct. 19 — Carissa Porcaro, a student at King Middle School here, did not hide her feelings about the Portland school board’s decision to let the independently operated clinic at her school provide girls access to prescription contraceptives.

Wearing a sticker with the words “I’m against giving out birth control” written in black marker, Carissa, 13, said she did not think the school should make the drugs available. Her mother disagrees

So eager are SP’s [2] ( secual progressivrs?)  to promote childhood sexual activity that they simply lie about the supposed benefits of birth control:

Making contraceptives more readily available to kids prevents unwanted pregnancies. Opponents of abortion should be pleased that women have birth control options that make abortion less likely. Instead, the Republican Party chairman in Portland, Maine echoes the right’s familiar response to governmental efforts to broaden access to birth control:

No program which promotes mating is capable of preventing pregnancies,  and promoting sexaul activity only promotes the spread of disease.

Besty Newmark [3]schools Sulzberger in the facts of life. 

If a kid is sick at school, teachers aren’t allowed to give out any medicine at all – not any aspirin or Tylenol. You never know what allergies a kid might have. And for kids who have to take a prescription, even a pill for acne, they must have a doctor’s note and go to the office to take it in front of a designated secretary. They can get in trouble if they take medicine on their own. This is the world we live in.


I don’t know about Maine, but in North Carolina, I had to sign a permission for my daughter to get her ears pierced. But birth control pills – apparently that is considered less of a parent’s business. Gosh, I feel like an old fogey when I see stories like this.

Betsy, doesn’t know about Maine.  I don’t know about Pinch.

Hat tip:  Memorandum [4].