Al GoreShocking news from Two Thousand, the New York Times admits, kind of, sort of, that Al Gore lost Florida:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 — Al Gore‘s seven-year journey from loser to laureate began in bitterness, settled for a time into self-imposed exile and led him in the end to rediscover his voice on climate change.

The question now is what he will do with the prestige and attention that comes to him with the Nobel Peace Prize. The answer appears to be that he will neither embrace nor reject another quest for the presidency, but harness the speculation about his intentions to become a more formidable force on environmental policy and a power within the Democratic party.

Ok by refering to Gore as a loser, the Times concedes that Gore lost Florida.   However how does winning the same award as Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, or in the Times’ eys Henry Kissinger actually enhance Gore’s prestige?

Hat Tip photo:  Michelle Malkin.

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