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Pigeon Traps

Why does Ace [1] have to hit us with this stuff on Monday?

Oh, wait, he posted this Sunday night. Never mind.

Resolved: Should Milwaukee have a (privately funded) bronze statue of Fonzie downtown?

The discussion is getting heated and people are weighing in on this serious question in earnest. The detractors seem to slightly outnumber the proponents right now.

The bulk of the detractors seem to think a Fonzie statue is somehow beneath the image of Milwaukee they have in their minds, or just consider it a waste of money.

My concept of the ideal statue,  is a Democrat pol dipped in Bronze. That way, pigion droppings actually serve a purpose.

So, what greater purpose a statue of Fonzie would serve, I’ve no idea. My guess is people are not going to drive more than 30 miles out of their way to see it.  The locals are likely to be somewhat embarrassed by the tie-in, with which they have absolutely no connection.

Certainly, there are worse examples of taxpayer funded art around.  But if you’re going to setup a large pigeon perch why not set up something that has some deeper philosophical meaning ?

Addendum: (David L)    Alas Pigeon’s deficate on statues.   However if Milwaukee is going to erect a target for pigeon poop, let  the good citizens of Milwaukee honor some real heros, the Iron Brigade [2].    We owe a far greater debt of gratitutude to the Second Wisconsin [3], than we do to Fonzie