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Once Exposed to It, Canadians Like Conservative Government. 

Captain Ed, yesterday: [1]

Twenty-two months have passed since Canadians gave Liberals the heave-ho after Adscam, and apparently, Conservative government suits them well. Before the Sponsorship Programme corruption scandal brought down Paul Martin and his administration, the Liberals painted Stephen Harper as a radical with hidden agendas that would shock Canadians. Now, however, almost two-thirds of them are only shocked to find they like him [2]:

With the political battlefield of Parliament returning and with weapons drawn it would appear the largest number of Canadians (63%) believe that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has the ‘right stuff’ of leadership qualities and skills compared to all other federal party leaders. This compares with NDP Leader Jack Layton at 57% and BQ Leader Gilles Duceppe at 63% in his province of Québec (15% nationally), and Opposition and Liberal leader Stephan Dion with the lowest ratings of all of the Federal leaders at 36%. …Given that the Liberals and Conservatives have the highest levels of support among voters across Canada, respondents were asked who they would choose between if they could only vote for either Stephen Harper or Stephan Dion in an election. The results were similar to the leadership attribute ratings noted above: Mr. Harper fared the best with 56% support versus Mr. Dion at 35%.

The news gets even better for Harper on voter enthusiasm. He garners 60% when voters are asked whether they could vote for him, the only national party leader to gain a majority.

Harper is even scoring well in Ontario, and Atlantic Canada as well, both of which are traditionally strongly leftist.  Which is almost precisely the situation as I described it when Harper was first elected.  Now; do you begin to see what I was talking about [3]with Bobby Jindal, yesterday?

Oh, by the way,  there’s been an awful lot of chatter, lately, as regards the Canadian dollar coming up somewhat higher than the American dollar just recently.  Of course, the usual leftist mantra, pins this on President Bush.  I suppose that’s part of it.  But the part that they don’t seem to want to recognize,  is that the other half of the reason is that there is a real conservative running Canada for the first time in decades.

You would think they would release at least that much info. (Shrug)  No guts, I guess.