The winner, last night was clearly Obama… unfortunately. His obviously scripted lines seemed to score well among the test rats in Frank Luntz’ cage, but I take this as a measurement of the quality of the voters, not of the candidate.

Edwards clearly understands that he cannot win with just Democrats alone, even in the Democratic Caucus. I take his rather deliberate comment about ‘Democratic voters and caucus goers.’ to be indication of this. What this says for his ability in the general election is debatable, but frankly, my view is he’s already hobbled.

Hillary Clinton clearly ignored the charges being tossed at her last night. (Flip flop, for example, and where Obama hits her for transparency issues “Turn the page”) She can’t ignore this stuff and hope it goes away on it’s own, however. She sounds shrill to my ear, and more than a little desperate. And the rest of the jackals were obviously smelling blood.

Biden should have been disqualified form the office he holds now, much less the one he seeks, if he really intends to argue, as it seemed last night, that our Iran policy is dictated by the price of oil. It will sell in the Democrat primary, however… which again would seem to give us some rather solid measure of the qaulity of the Democrat voter. Namely, shallow, and unthinking.

Oh… and Chris Mathews… will someone PLEASE shut him up?

Memeorandum has lots of links on the topic this morning.

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