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Oh Those Tolerant Leftards

The leftards do more than forge emails.   They simply refuse to surrender their cheerished myths, even when they see refuting evidence with their own two eyes.   From the Puffington Post [1],  Rich Jacobs reports on a restuarant patron:

We had dinner last night at Murano [2], a new West Hollywood restaurant, owned by gay circuit party promoter Jeffrey Sanker [3], and lesbian night club owners Robin Gans and Sandy Sachs [4]. It’s a visually stunning space, straight lines, whites and reds accented by brilliant Murano glass chandeliers (hence the name of the restaurant). It’s right at home within eyeshot of West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center, clearly appealing in a neighborhood of gay clubs, bars and restaurants.

Toward the end of dinner, one of my companions insisted that the painfully thin, emotive, long blond haired thing in a small black dress with nearly exposed bosoms was none other than Ann Coulter. I did not believe him. Why would Ann Coulter, who hates homosexuals [5], go to dinner at gay ground zero? Why would she spend her hard earned gay-bashing royalties to enrich Jeffrey Sanker and otherwise support gay-owned businesses?

Leftard myth says that Ann Coulter hates homosexuals.    So what do leftards do when confronted by Coulter eating eating dinner with homosexual friends in a homosexual restuarant?  

In case of Jim Newell, Wonkette [6],  they just speculate:

Ann Coulter, who hates all gay people because they’re all Muslim, was spotted eating last night at LA’s Murano — a new restaurant owned by three of those homersexuals! HuffPo’s Rick Jacobs sat near her and presumably her Jewish liberal boyfriend [7] and wrote like six million words [1] about it today. Basic summary for our purposes: Ann Coulter is a faggot.

In the case of shamanic,  Newshoggers [8],  just fly into a rage:

 You know, I find Rick Jacobs’ outrage that Ann Coulter would be in a West Hollywood restaurant with a coterie of gay men attending to her [1] slightly odd. Did he not realize she’s a total hypocrite? She’s a famous, outrageous woman who spends her time in the gay capitols of America – DC, New York, South Florida, and California. How could she possibly hate gays?

In the case of Chuckles, [9] it is simply to invent yet more lies:

I always knew that Ann Coulter was a Closet Lesbian

To take al these accounts at face value would mean that homosexuality is contagous.   You can catch it merely by having homosexual friends or apparantly by eating food handled by homosexuals.   Tell me agan how tolerant the left is.