So Barack Obama won’t wear a flag pin anymore?

Yes, I know all about What he says, that it doesn’t show true patriotism. Of course, first of all, his definition of “patriotism” is questionable now before he even opens his mouth.  He says he wants to show his “true patriotism” . so now, we are to believe that he is a superior patriot, because he refuses to wear a flag in his lapel?

But hold on a minute.  

Why is it that the default leftist position is that those who show outward signs of patriotism, are hypocrites or fakes… not “true patriots”?  Is there some means of vision into the American brain they possess that nobody else does that allows them to make this determination?  What we’re really talking about here, is Obama deciding to denegrate those who fly the flag. Who display Amercan Flag bumper stickers on their vehicles. Who stand in respct when a flag walks by. What is it that makes Obama think he is morally superior to these?

Seems to me, that this is of a kind with the De Facto Democrat position about  the military.  For all their screaming, over the years about supporting the troops, those who truly do support the troops, are consistently referred to as “chicken hawks”. And in that case, what was the reason for the label?  Supposedly, because some of the people to whom that label was attributed, had never served in the military, suddenly we were supposed to accept as God’s truth that they were on qualified to speak on this subject.

But why doesn’t that limitation applied to them?  Most of the people screaming anti-war nonsense under burning flags, flags mounted upside down, or holding flags which are being defecated upon, have not served either, for the most part.  Yet the restrictions about speaking about things involved with war, doesn’t seem to apply them.

In any event, calling the voter morally inferior because he loves his country and is willing to show it doesn’t seem to me the best way to get a vote from that voter.  Unless, that is, you’re counting on a certain level of self hatred in the voter to become manifest on the first Tuesday in November.

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