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NOW Chuckles Remembers He Claimed to be Christian

Adkins is trying again: [1]

As my “About Me” page tells, I am a Christian, Although, sometimes, I don’t act like it.

Anyway, I have started back to doing my Daily Bible reading. I stopped when I parted ways with the last Church I was in. I really allowed that situation to drive me away from the Word. I’ve been noticing a change in my personality too. and I don’t like it. So, I’m back to reading. and Yes, I am going to do it every day.

So, now he’s making a show of Christianity. After posting Michelle Malkin’s personal information. After all the shoe polish he’s been pulling [2], for longer than I’ve been taking note of it in these spaces.

How many times have we seen major criminals have a jailhouse conversion? This kind of thing is always struck me as a ploy for mercy. Ramzi Yousef [3], the mastermind of the first terrorist attack on the world trade center, is one example of such [4].

The situation here, really isn’t much different. He got himself backed into a corner with some degree of force, and now starts waving the flag of Christianity.  Is he being honest about this?  I don’t know.  That’s something that only God can render a judgment on, properly. And, he will.

However, I think I can be forgiven for being rather suspicious given that this ploy has occurred so often before.